AI and ML Data analyst

With Pecan, organizations can obtain and deploy AI models in days, without relying on data scientists. Pecan is an automated AI-based predictive analytics platform that simplifies and speeds the process of building and deploying predictive models in various customer-related and operational use-cases, such as LTV, Churn, NBO, Risk, and Segmentation. Pecan does not require from its customers any data preparation, engineering or prepossessing - it connects directly to raw data, and uses neural networks to automate the entire predictive process. 

The Customer Success team is responsible for all of our clients, starting from the POC stage and through deployment in production environments. The CS team designs, plans, and implements the predictive analytics programs. We are working in a cross-functional collaboration with Sales, Product Management and Engineering. The team is in charge of the entire technical and analytical cycle of our clients. 

As a Customer Success Predictors team member, you will work in the forefront of the data world, creating predictive models and assisting our clients to use those predictions to affect their business. Among data scientists you will work closely with the following levels in our client’s organizations:

  1. C - level executives and VPs
  2. Data analysts 
  3. DBA’s
  4. DevOps engineers

Together with the team, you will be continuously helping our clients achieve their business goals, reinforce the value of Pecan’s modules and the ease of use of our platform. Together, we create and implement predictive analytics’ actions and plans that help several types of businesses that are heavily dependent on data predictions.

When our clients are happy, because they see the value, so are we! 

Our Customer Success organization is looking for an enthusiastic and client-focused data oriented professional

The task at hand:

Asist covering data and technical aspects of integrating clients’ systems with our predictive analytics platform. Typical tasks of the team are:

  1. Collaborate with the clients’ business stakeholders, gather technical requirements and understand the need for predictive models.
  2. Analyze databases using different coding languages
  3. Analyze model’s outputs and explain complex concepts in simple words
  4. Create ad-hoc Tableau reports - provide statistical, business analysis and insights
  5. Collaborate with clients’ teams and translate business needs to technical data solutions 
  6. Be the data and technical point of contact for our clients, and understand their needs

Required qualifications:

  1. 2+ years of work experience as a data analyst
  2. Excellent analytical skills
  3. 1+ years of experience in SQL, python, Pandas SQL
  4. Experience with Tableau and data warehouse tools (AWS, Snowflake, BigQuery, etc.)
  5. Demonstrated experience in problem solving and providing business insights
  6. Great attitude & team player

Nice to have qualifications:

  1. Experience in PySpark
  2. Understand predictive analytics and modelling processes
  3. Statistical experience (creating attribution models, A/B tests or lift analysis)
  4. BA/BS in Engineering, Statistics/Math, Economics or a related field

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AI and ML Data analyst
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