Revolutionize Your Business Strategy:

Predictive Analytics to Improve Conversion

Billions of monthly predictions – driving billions in revenue

Easy-to-build, easy-to-explain, easy-to-use predictive models.

Now data teams have the power of scalable machine learning models at their fingertips

Untapped data =
missed opportunities

Generated more profitable business outcomes using the most advanced ML capabilities with minimal code expertise needed.

Import your data and define your business problem

Define your business problem within an easy-to-understand, easy-to-adjust predictive question that fits your business needs. Pecan will generate customer-level, actionable predictions that help you address your challenges.  

Pecan’s data governance security measures and accreditations

With a deep understanding of security concerns and regulations, Pecan is committed to keeping your information secure, private and encrypted at all times. We employ active and passive security measures, ranging from rigid internal compartmentalization to advanced endpoint and network-protection mechanisms.

SOC for service organizations certification
ISO (information security management system) 27001 certified

Take the guesswork out of your decisions