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Gaming Platform

"We stopped gambling on our future"

The customer

One of Pecan's earliest adopters is adynamic leading gaming platform and full-service white label casino solution that enables partners to launch a dynamic touch-casino experience within weeks.The platform includes a variety of casino games, including Slots, scratch,casual, jackpots, table games and Live dealer.

The challenge

The gaming platform, like any online company, is interested in segmenting its customers, building distinct profiles and matching each of them with appropriate marketing offers, content and products. This type of segmentation based on data is worth gold in terms of business, as it can be used to increase revenues, reduce abandonment and build successful future products.

The gaming platform has 15,000 active players a month leading to 100,000 monthly transactions. But the company only managed to partially leverage the data to improve business results. Like any online company, it suffered from player churn who ceased to be active. It also had difficulty adapting the offering to different profiles. In addition, there was difficulty in identifying users with high business potential.

The solution

Pecan was established in 2016 by PhDs in the field of computational neuroscience, AI and mathematics. Pecan offers an innovative Deep Learning platform as a service (PaaS). This includesstate-of-the-art, automated and general-purpose AI technologies that achieve unprecedented accuracy in a variety of use cases.

Existing solutions in the market know how to deal with only one of the many problems mentioned above, buteach solution costs a great deal of money - tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars - and it takes many months to build and implement it. Moreover, the customer is required to pay the amount in advance and has no idea what solution they’ll receive and how effective it’ll be.

The Pecan platform can cope with all these difficulties, and many others, simultaneously by relying on deep neural networks and artificial intelligence. The system connects to the raw data of the customer and, based on the dynamics of the networks, locates and understands the analytical context. This enables predictions and deep insights based on machine learning derived from the data. Using these predictions and insights, the customer can take business and marketing measures that solve their problems and maximize potential and opportunities.

Because the Pecan platform is based on deep-learningand artificial intelligence, the process of generating business insights from the data is done automatically without human contact and therefore without "contamination" of the data.The process is shorter than the alternatives in the market, up to a few days to build the model and apply it to the data. Moreover, the combination of the use of raw data and the most advanced artificial intelligence technology has given rise to extremely accurate models that are valid and reliable even for exceptional events that cause other systems to crash.

The result

Pecan created a working model for the gaming platform within a week of access to the raw data (compared to 4-6 months required for alternative solutions). The cost of the project was estimated at$15,000 to $30,000 (compared to $150,000 to $300,000 in alternative solutions).Out of a group of 353 heavy gamblers ('whales'), the system identified 281 potential heavy gamblers of this kind, and the marketing actions taken by the company turned them into actual heavy gamblers. The additional revenue derived from this conversion is estimated at $3.7 million, which reflects a growth of 7%!

The overall prediction accuracy reached 83%. The accuracy of the churn prediction was 78% true positives and 17% false positives.

CEO of the gaming platform:

"We experienced an extraordinary business transformation that took place within a week. Pecan’s innovative and exceptional technologies provide powerful business tools to reduce abandonment,segment groups of players, tailor specific products, and enrich their experiences. This paved the way for a significant increase in revenue that is vital to us in such a competitive market in which we are active. We can say that we have stopped betting on our business future and adopted the most advanced tools in the world to develop the business and grow rapidly. "

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