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About the Company

One of Pecan’s customers is a leading gaming platform and full-service white label casino solution that enables partners to launch a dynamic touch-casino experience within weeks. The platform includes a variety of casino games, including slots, scratch, jackpots, table games, and live dealers.

The company provides a real-money gaming platform ensuring that casino content can be accessed from anywhere in the world as long as there is an internet connection. The company offers the ability to manage all the services that go into an online casino such as operations, customer care, and player management in one place.

The Challenge

The company, like any online company, is interested in identifying its customers, building distinct profiles and matching each of them with appropriate marketing offers, content and products. This type of segmentation based on data is valuable in terms of business, as it can be used to increase revenues, reduce abandonment and build successful future products.

The company only managed to partially leverage the data to improve business results despite boasting many unique active players a week and with hundreds of thousands of weekly transactions. Similar to other online companies, it suffered from player churn who ceased to be active. Other challenges included the difficulty of adapting the offering to different profiles and the inability to identify those users with high business potential.

The solution

Before turning to Pecan, the customer used other statistical and manual methods to building distinct profiles and matching each of them with appropriate marketing offers, content and products.

The company used Pecan to build 2 deep learning-based predictive analytics models:

  1. Identify potential heavy gamblers that are susceptive to marketing actions. 
  2. Predict which of these customers will churn – and why.

The customer used the Pecan platform to build the 2 models within 8 days, compared with 4-6 months required by alternative solutions, which also consume huge and expensive resources of data scientists.

Using Pecan instead of traditional methods meant that the cost of the project is estimated at ¼X of alternative solutions.

Furthermore, the AI models were built by one of the customer’s BI managers using the Pecan platform, avoiding the need for a trained and expensive data scientists.

“Pecan set our actionable insights free. We experienced an extraordinary business transformation that took place within a week. We can now say that we’ve stopped betting on our business future”.

CEO of the gaming platform

The result

Compared to the standard identification of heavy gamblers (otherwise known as 'whales'), the model identified +30% potential heavy gamblers of this kind, and the marketing actions taken by the company turned them into actual heavy gamblers. 

In addition, Pecan listed 5 specific factors that contributed most to each customer’s tendency to be a heavy gambler. Some of the most common contributing factors were:

  • Age
  • Channel
  • Last Transactions

The customer used this information to empower their retention team in identifying incentives that will prevent specific customers to churn and instead drive conversion, therefore increasing revenues. The additional revenue derived from this conversion is estimated at $3.7 million, which reflects a growth of 7%.

Furthermore, using Pecan, the customer discovered the 5 most impactful factors behind churn among all customers. This critical information was used to adjust sales, marketing and channel plan to holistically address the churn challenge, therefore increasing customer loyalty and revenues, as well as drive growth. 

Most critically the customer empowered its BI team with the capability of building state of the art AI predictive analytics models, without the need to hire data scientists for the job.

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